Friday, October 29, 2010

Long Day....Long Blog and Day 19

Shew! It has been such a long day. I had a follow up doctor's appointment this morning for my surgery. The doctor said that all 3 of my incisions were healing great but I have a bladder infection. Ugh! Oh well, I hoping that I will eventually get better. Oh, did I mention I fell down the stairs??? Well I did, on Thursday, so I am very sore from that also. Well this is going to be a very long blog so I better get to it.

I was so very excited when I logged on to Blogger and saw that I won my first blogging award!!! We will get to that later in the post, I am going to start with Day 19 in Katie's blogging challenge. 

Day 19: Something I Miss

Well at this very moment I am missing...
these kiddos! I have not seen them in over a week (that is a record) and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

I miss my grandfather...
He died almost three years ago from brain cancer and I miss him so much everyday! I can't wait to see his sweet face again :)

I miss my brother...
I wish sometimes I would have been older when he passed away so I would have gotten the chance to know him. I don't remember him. I heard his voice a couple of years ago for the first time on a home video. I just sat in the floor and wept because it was so emotional to hear his voice. It is very hard for my dad to talk about him still so I am so lucky to have my fill in "brother." He loves to tell me stories about him and my brother and it makes me so happy.

Well that is all for Day 19!

My First Award

I was so happy when I logged on to blogger and saw that these sweet ladies gave me an award!

Thank you so much Nicole



for my 1st award!!

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award the rules are:

{1}: Thank and link back to who gave you the award.

{2}: Share 7 things about yourself.

{3}: Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy!

{4}: Leave the recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So here goes!

7 Things About Tasha

1. I think I have told you this before but I absolutely LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!! I have all 6 seasons on dvd and I have watched them at least 20 times all the way through. I can tell you exactly what is going to happen in every single episode and probably say recite most of the lines.

2. I cannot go to sleep unless the tv is on. I hate sleeping in hotel rooms with other people who do not like to have the tv drives me crazy! Yep, you guessed it, I normally fall asleep watching Grey's Anatomy.

3. I love to read gossip magazines. I know it's lame but I love them. Every Friday I go to Wal-mart or Target to buy People and US Weekly. I also love to read Shape, Self, Paula Deen Magazine, Real Simple, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook....I love them all!

4. I could eat shrimp everyday. 

5. I love my cell phone. I am not sure how I survived years ago lol. My parents call it my oxygen supply and it must be in my hand at all times for me to breathe!

6. I love to swim and have been swimming all my life but still have to hold my nose when I go underwater.

7. I hate to wear socks. I don't like the way they feel.

I am giving this award to...

Katie at Katie's Journey
Leslie at Life In It's Ordinary Form
Lindsi at The Hancock's
Miss V at Short and Sweet
Rachel at Simple Little Joys
Caitlin at Finding the Exception

Sorry that was a long post but so fun!



Miss V said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness!! Thank you! You are too sweet can't wait to post this tomorrow and answer the questions!! I used to be the same way with tv I literally had to remove the tv from my room and re- learn how to put myself to sleep!! Hahah.

Cherish @ Southern Soulmates said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you so much! I am working on answering the questions :) Thank you also for following my blog-makes me SO happy :) Have a blessed day! xoxo