Monday, October 25, 2010

Breast Cancer Walk and a Scary Storm

I had a very long and boring weekend, thanks to the removal of my appendix! I have been very sore but I am sooooo tired of being stuck in the house. Yesterday was our local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I was planning on participating and was sad when I realized that my surgery would keep me from walking 3 miles. Well I decided that many of the women participating in the race have been through much worse pain than having there appendix removed so I decided to go. I was so happy I did! There is nothing I love more than seeing miles and miles of PINK! We thought we were close to the front of the line until we turned the corner and saw this...

This brought me to tears! There were men and women of ALL ages walking to support their loved ones. I walked a little over 2 miles and then I knew it was time for me stop. Next year I would love to run the 5K, if not I will definitely be walking!

I walked to show support for...
My grandmother- she is a survivor at 86 years old
My Nana's sister, Barbara- she is a survivor
My friend Katelyn's mom, Sue- she just found out this summer that she had breast cancer. She is now having chemo treatments. She is on treatment 2 of 4 and is determined as ever to kick cancer's butt! We know that next year she will join us at the race as a SURVIVOR!

Photo by Dale Strother (
The October weather in Tennessee is so unpredictable. Yesterday the temperature was around 76 degrees and it was an absolutely beautiful day. This morning a storm came through and blew everything away. I thought we were having a wind storm, luckily it only lasted for a little while. Many of the local schools and universities closed due to power outages. The picture below is from a wreck this morning on Interstate 26, a tractor and trailer flipped over and the road was closed for several hours. I pray that no one was injured during the storm this morning.
Photo by Preston Ayres (WCYB-Channel 5 News)
I hope everyone has a great Monday and rest of the week!!



Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You go, girl! I think it's so great that you went out and walked despite your pain! Lord knows that I couldn't have done that after having my appendix out! I'll have to tell you that story sometime!

Miss Southern Vol said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

They always say in Tennessee if you dont like the weather stick around for an hour and it will change! Gotta love the late fall storms!?! I mean CRAZZYY!!