Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 5

Day 5: My Siblings

This post is very special to me because I only have one biological sibling. My brother, Michael, went to Heaven in May 1991. I was only four years old.
This is the last picture taken of us...
There is a very special story behind this picture. This picture was taken on May 21, 1991  at my dance recital. My brother was very proud of me and loved having a little sister around. The next night, around 10:00, my parents received a phone call that Michael had been in a motorcycle accident and he was killed instantly. My mom immediately remembered the pictures she had taken at my dance recital the night before. The next morning she went to have the pictures developed. These were the last pictures we would ever have of him or us together and she wanted to use the pictures at his funeral. She waited for the film to be developed and went back to the store. The lady behind the counter informed my mom that it was a bad roll of film and only one picture came out. My mom just knew that the picture she actually wanted would not be the one that worked. The lady handed my mom the picture above. Out of twenty-four pictures this is the ONLY picture that came out. This picture is very special to us and is displayed in several different places throughout our house.

My brother was eighteen years old when he passed away. I was very young and I do not remember him. My family tells me that I look and act just like him and that makes me very happy. I try to remember my brother through stories and home videos that my parents and family have shared with me.

I lost my biological brother but I gained the next best thing. My brother had a best friend, who was actually with him the night he passed away. He stepped up and has always been there for me. We are very close and I love him just like a brother.
This is us at my 24th Birthday dinner...
He holds a special place in my heart and I know that he loves me like I am his little sister.

 His wife is my best friend and my adopted big sister. They are mommy and daddy to those two sweet munchkins I am always talking about.

I am glad that I was able to share my unusual but amazing story of all my siblings with you!
Do any of you have stories like mine? I would love to hear your story.