Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Blog Challenge Catch Up: Day 5-12

Hey Ya'll!
Did you all think I went missing? I didn't! I have just been very busy. I can't believe it has been a week and a half since I blogged. I hope everyone had a wonderFULL Thanksgiving! I stuffed my belly and I hope you did, too. The past week has been very busy and full of activities. It's the end of the semester and I am definitely very excited about that. I cannot wait till Christmas break.
Guess what? East Tennessee received its first snow for the season yesterday! It started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. It is supposed to snow all night and all day tomorrow. I love snow but not when it messes with my plans...unless that is school, of course!
I apologize for the long post that is coming but I have missed a lot of the Christmas Blogging Challenge and I must catch up!

Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie

I love, love, love Holiday movies and could never, ever narrow it down to just one! I picked a few of my favorites to share with you...
My all-time favorite...

I plan on watching this movie tonight...I love it!!!

a few more of my fav's...

Now, I want to go watch all of these!

Day 6: Gift Ideas

I have really only asked for one thing this year and that is....

The Cuisinart 16-cup food processor from Williams-Sonoma
(I have a pretty good idea that this is what my parents are getting me)

I would love to have an Ipad...

but I know that I do not need one. I have a Macbook and an Ipod touch so I think I can live without it!

The only other thing I really want is these adorable Ugg Boots...

Day 8: Least favorite thing about the holidays


Day 9: Favorite Holiday Recipe

I have several favorite holiday recipes but I love this one because the kids love to help me make it...

Oreo Balls

package regular size Oreo cookies, crushed
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
package white almond bark
package chocolate almond bark

1. Using a blender or a hand held mixer, mix Oreos and cream cheese together
2. Roll into walnut size
3. Chill for an hour
4. Melt approximately 3/4 package of white almond bark
5. Stick a toothpick in the oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark
6. Allow to harden on wax paper, takes about 15 minute
7. While waiting, melt about 1/4 package of chocolate almond bark
8. When oreo balls are no longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate and white almond bark using a sandwich bag with a tiny hold cut in the corner
I love making these every year with the kiddos!

Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs

I am loving this Christmas album by the cast of Glee right now!

Day 11: New Year's Resolutions

1. To live each day to the fullest!
2. To get more organized!
3. To finish school!

Day 12: Holiday Decorations
I have been spending the last few days finishing up our decorations and I am almost there! I still have the outside to do. We do not put a lot of decorations up outside because we live in the woods, so no one sees them but us. I do put lighted garland up around the front door and wreaths on the doors. I, also, decorate the mailbox. 

Here is our Christmas Tree...

I really love decorating the tree and have been working on it for a few days!

A few other decorations around the house...

I made two wreaths this year. The first one is made of burlap and I just love it. It is hanging on my new wreath holder that I purchased at a cute little store downtown. The other wreath is a ribbon wreath, like the one I made for Halloween. I am still working on it and should have it finished by tomorrow.

The burlap wreath...

 You can find the tutorial here!

The ribbon wreath...
I will post pictures when it is complete!
I think that is a long enough post for one day! I will be back tomorrow...have a great night!



Jenni said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey Tasha!! I got hopelessly behind on blogs over Thanksgiving, but I've enjoyed looking back through some of your old posts!!! And if I haven't thanked you already, THANKS FOR THE AWARD!!! You're so sweet. I received a cluster of awards all around the same time, so I don't think I'll ever get around to posting about them, but just know that I am so thankful for you!! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!!

PS - the tree is GORGEOUS!!!