Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch Up....Again: Day 26,27,28 and 29

I'm playing catch up....Again!!!! My weekends have been so busy it's been hard for me to keep up with Katie's Blogging Challenge. I can't believe there is only 1 day left, the time flew by!

Day 26: Picture of your family

The parents and me!

I just realized that I don't have a picture of my entire family on this computer so I will have to post some later :(  I plan on taking an updated family picture at Christmas when we are all together :)

Day 27: Pets

I only have one pet and she is the only one I have ever had! 
(does a pet rabbit and a couple of fish count?)
The year I turned 12 years old, I decided that I wanted a dog. I was imagining a cute little dog that I could carry around and love on constantly. My dad informed me that if we were going to get a dog, it would be a Great Dane! I was a little hesitant because I had never seen one in person. After months of searching for the perfect Harlequin Great Dane.....I finally found her! We picked her up when she was 5 weeks old and she weighed 10 pounds...she kept growing and growing...until she reached 140 pounds! I know that everyone says this but she literally is the best dog in the world. She is so sweet and loves people (as long as they stand and pet her for hours). She will be 12 years old on January 10th. This is very old for a Great Dane. She has arthritis in her hips and she has skin cancer. We have decided not to put her through anymore surgeries for her cancer because they are very hard on her and her age makes it very risky. We decided that it is best for her to live and enjoy the time she has left instead of constantly dragging her to the vet. 
Here are some pictures of Oreo over the years...

Day 28: Something that stresses you out

Lately, I have felt very stressed. I have never really been the kind of person who stresses out over every little thing but here lately I just feel like everything has been getting to me...

I am over it! I could absolutely care less if I saw another book, campus or professor for the rest of my life....not good, because I still have a few semesters left!

I am a planner and I have been planning how my life would go forever. Well, I am now learning that I am not the one making the plans. I always imagined that by the age of 24, I would be married and starting to have children. My life is nothing like the way I have planned and this is causing a lot of stress in my life. All of my friends are married and pregnant.....this does not help! I am just trying to remind myself everyday that God has a plan for me and everything happens for a reason!

Day 29: Three Wishes

one...To graduate college (very soon!) and have a classroom full of wonderful students.
two...To be a loving wife to a wonderful man and to raise a couple of adorable, healthy children.
three...For my family and I to live a long, healthy and blessed life.

Well I am finally caught up...Day 30 coming in a few minutes!



Elise said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your dog is beautiful!

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aww sweet dog!

BelleinBows said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oreo is precious. I can totally relate to college, even with the end near it just drags doesn't it?

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your dog is gorgeous!! Just thought I would let you know that, although I am sure you already knew that! lol