Friday, August 26, 2011

A list.

I am typically a list maker. I am better at accomplishing my to do's when I see them written out on a list that I can check off. So, today I thought I would make a little list of the many reasons why you haven't seen me around this blogging world in a week.

1. Last Saturday night, we threw a surprise birthday party for a close friend. My parent's friends recently bought a short bus (Do not ask me why because I do not know. It's just something us rednecks from Tennessee do...HA!) Anyways, we decorated the short bus with banners and balloons and  picked up my friend. He was completely surprised and grateful and it turned out to be a great evening. Oh and I made some wonderful homemade Snickers cupcakes for the event.

2. Monday, I got to keep my precious little Kingston. It was a wonderful day! I love that little man more than words can express and I loved spending my day just starring at him and catering to his every little need. I snapped some wonderful pictures of his smiling face. I hate that he is growing (only 2 months!) up but I love that he is starting to show expression and his little personality is coming out. 
(I will write a post full of pictures of our day together.)

3. Tuesday, I started school. I am so sad that the summer is OVER! I am really not excited about school this semester at all. That's really all I have to say about school!

4. Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent cleaning and organizing the house. I love to clean and organize, when I am in the mood. If I am not in the mood it is not going to all! Luckily, I have been in the mood all week. I am very proud of my work and trying my best to keep it clean. 

5. Yesterday, I woke up very early and decided to clean my car. I normally have my car detailed for $100. I had an oil change and I was going to have it detailed Monday and I decided that it was a waste of money. I could spend that money on new clothes, fun, charity or just save it. Two and a half hours later I think I have changed my mind. It was hard work but I love having a clean car. Yesterday, was one of the best days I have had in a long time. If you read my blog, you know that every Thursday night my parents and some of my friends go to karaoke at our local bar and grill. I love seeing all the amazing talent that we have in my small little town. It is race weekend in BRISTOL!! That means that 160,000 people are packed into my town. On Thursday night they close off State Street for Family Race Night. Drivers, cars and vendors line the streets for some Nascar fun. Stateline Bar and Grill, our local hangout, does an all day karaoke event. It starts at 1pm until 2am. They have an auction to raise money for a local battered women's shelter. All the tips and the cover at the door goes to the cause, too. Last year they raised $7,000 for the charity. Last night they broke the record with $10,000 for the charity. My crew and I got there at 1pm and it was crazy packed (we couldn't move). I made it to 1:30am and I was so tired I couldn't hold my eyes open. It was a great night, for a great cause and I met some great people from out of town that LOVE my town!

6. Today, I haven't moved from the couch. I am still adjusting to life without a gallbladder. Don't let anyone ever tell you that life is better without a gallbladder. If I eat something that my body doesn't like, I am sick within 10 minutes. I ate lunch yesterday and it did not agree with me so I didn't eat dinner. I have been sick all day. I am staying on the couch resting up for tonight's festivities.

7. I am very excited about a fun weekend. I have two birthday parties this weekend and I can't wait to spend time with some great friends.

Shew, that's it. Sorry it was a little longer than planned!

I hope that ya'll have a great weekend!



Marian said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love lists cause it helps me stay organized...or at least try:) Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!