Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Texas Road-Trip: Day 6 and 7

I am very behind on post from my road trip thanks to my lovely gallbladder. You can read all about that here.

On Day 6 (Thursday) of our trip was nothing exciting. We went to Sam Moon so I could stock up on jewelry. We came home, fixed dinner and spent the evening in the pool. It is soooo HOT in Texas, we were still sweating in the pool!

I am wearing my new earrings from Sam Moon but they are hard to see!

On Day 7 (Friday...our last day in Texas) we went to breakfast and then did a little shopping. We had to kill time because my brother and sister in law's house was being showed that morning. We were home by 1:00 so we could start setting up for Macy's Birthday Party.

The pool party went great except for the fact that it was so hot in the pool the kids were screaming to come inside. So my brother got the water hose and started hosing them down while in the pool. That soon turned into a huge water fight. I walked outside to take a picture and I was completely soaked in a few seconds.

Once all the kiddos left my parents and I started to pack :(
We sat down and decided that instead of going back home the way we came, we wanted to take a different route. My Mom and I wanted to go spend one night in New Orleans. Dad wasn't to excited about this idea because it added two hours travel time. We were finally able to talk him into it.

Up next: New Orleans