Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas Road-Trip: Day 5

Wednesday was all about Longhorns and Cowboys! One of my favorite places in Texas is the Fort Worth Stockyards. I love the atmosphere. It's like going back in time to dirt roads, cattle runs and LOTS of cowboys!

We all headed down there last night to eat and walk around. As I have mentioned before, it was HOT! The wind blew occasionally but it was a 100 degree wind...didn't help much. We did a little shopping. I found the most beautiful pair of cowboy boots I have ever seen, I picked them up to check out the price. I gently sat them down when I saw the price tag for $3,750.00! I was in shock. I am not sure who pays that much for boots but it will definitely not be me. 

Next we stopped at my favorite furniture store. If I lived in this area I would get all of my furniture from Rio's. They have beautiful, handmade, one of a kind furniture. I am in love every time I walk through that store.

We decided to have dinner at Cattlemen's. They have delicious steaks.

I love going to the Station because they have a little shop that I get all of my Texas Longhorns shirts from. I stocked up for football season on this trip!

Next, we stopped into Billy Bob's Texas. The largest honky tonk in Texas, maybe the country! I saw these handprints on the wall and snapped a picture.

Today we went to Sam Moon to do a little jewelry shopping. 



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I just found you through Kate from Every Mile a memory! You blog is adorable, loved reading about your trip to Texas! My boyfriend is from Texas, and misses it like crazy!

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